What sets us apart?

We are passionately committed to rigorous methods (the ‘perspiration’ from the maxim ‘99% perspiration, 1% inspiration’) combined with the inspiration that comes from knowing our markets inside out.

In our experience of executive search, shortcuts do not work. The best searches start with getting under the skin of a client organisation – the leadership team, the culture, the market conditions, the challenges ahead. Then our job is to combine covering the candidate landscape thoroughly and peppering it with inspired ideas of our own and from our friends and contacts in the market.

During an Ithaca Partners search process, our clients can expect that we will:

  • Take a full, detailed brief so that we truly understand what you need and can represent you professionally with candidates. We want to be ambassadors for your business that you can be proud of
  • Report back, at a minimum with detailed email ‘Friday Updates’. There will be no surprises
  • Present and discuss where a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses are (no one is perfect)
  • Help to make the right decision about the preferred candidate and then secure that candidate for you. This needs straight-dealing, robust advice and an ability to handle delicate matters diplomatically

Our candidates can expect that we will:

  • ALWAYS respect the confidentiality of the discussion we are having. This is the oil in the engine of how we do business. This means checking your thoughts and views regularly and not operating on your behalf without your prior approval
  • Ask searching questions and we will need honest answers. Without that, we cannot assess properly which environments which would be the ones you will truly flourish in
  • Advise and counsel through difficult or testing processes. We will always be honest with you and we will be available to talk whenever it is important